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ASPE is an independent association formed by industry, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, national/regional industrial federations and industry and trade associations.

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We are ASPE


ASPE aims to cooperate with the world’s industrial organizations to raise the quality and efficiency within the industry’s various sectors.

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ASPE Mission


Our mission is to improve upon and develop the quality standards of the industrial services and products and preserve an alliance with global advancements in Science and technology. The ASPE provides you with the secure knowledge that can overcome all future obstacles.

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American society of Professional Engineers

The American society of Professional Engineers is to be considered an independent accreditation entity for all learning & development providers all over the globe for engineering industry stakeholders.

ASPE conglomerate all its services aiming to assist the training providers in developing and enhancing skills of engineering professionals’on a global spectrum.

ASPE is designated to endorse the highest standards and protocols of professional engineering practices and increases awareness regarding the importance and crucial role of engineers internationally with full cooperation with the training providers all over the globe.

ASPE Members

The aim of being an ASPE member

ASPE accreditation confirms that the training provider has met the required standards which are crucial in standing out to potential graduated and learners which attain the best knowledgeable skills in the market.

Graduates from an ASPE-accredited program will have an exceptional educational foundation giving them the capabilityof leading the welfare of the engineering society.

ASPE’s goal is to work alongside training providers to fulfill engineer’s educational requirements.

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